Great January 2015 Document


A common project to 16 countries in world

statement of August 31th of Akbar

second version of proposal

a summary of version 2010

declaration number 11 of refuge of Akbar

common aim of humanity

embassadors dynamicity


A common project to 16 countries in world

Declaration number 15 of Akbar refuge

(Demand of Akbar help from 16 countries of world to introduction statement of August 31 to scientific society)

I need that about Akbar statement of August 31 from science ministry of governments that were called must aware and advertising activities must support.

I hope that the governments of countries of China, Russia, America, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, UAE, Georgia, Malaysia, Toyland, Indonesia, Canada and Australia be active about this.

The countries 3+3 in relative to their actions and powers and their works and some rule playing that perform in reality that are more responsible than me, but me, by my ability, have concern about the world more than them and attempt to response to problems and difficulty of all of world and stressed myself.

Based on these theories that I indicate them, I consider countries of China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany (countries 3+3) as debtor- responsible and commitment to myself,

and based on it I expect to the governments of these countries that be active in this field (introduce the akbar statement of August 31 to scientific society).

also countries of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia

are three countries that in hard days I had to go to them and ask help from them about inhabitant more than the time of Visa and to provide the opportunity of Interaction with UNHCR and each of them in their share attempt to hosting of Akbar interaction in ratio of their ability and also try about recording in achieve of scientific, cultural, artistic and political perceptive.

Today base on that old tradition of demanding help from those three countries, Demand for these three countries, if possible, be active in this field (introduce the akbar statement of August 31 to scientific society), and before or after my death, they must take some actions as more as possible.

Also countries of Malaysia, Toyland, Indonesia, UEA, and Georgia

are countries that I may have tot travel them to repetition of return to UNHCR, if I failed in achieving to a clear, formal and written reaction to immigrate demand from nations organizations.

Base on this the countries of Malaysia, Toyland, Indonesia, UEA, and Georgia invited to take some actions in this field (in the field of introduce the akbar statement of August 31 to scientific society) that is easy and possible to them.

Also countries of Canada and Australia that such as America and European countries are my favorite countries as final destinations of immigrate, also are among the readers of the text and invited to take some actions in this field (in the field of introduce the akbar statement of August 31 to scientific society) that is easy and possible to them.

Also today use this text and declare that I need a clear, formal and written response from nations organization to my immigrate demand and I write the declaration number 11 of Akbar refuge and I wait to a response from nations organization to it. and also probable lobby of 16 countries that were invited in this document can help Akbar in this case.

I hope to continue my studies and researches and developing them and once again as a more organized and programmed form, invite all countries of world to uniqueness and cooperation in a common project to response to note of common goal of humanity that here I indicate the question of “who you are?”.

Sincerely yours

Aliakbar Ebrahimi

The writer of note of ambassador dynamicity

Friday, Sharivar 14th, 1393

September 5th, 2014

Iran-Tehran- in confront of office of nations organization in Shahrzad bolv.


  • statement of August 31th of Akbar
  • second version of proposal
  • a summary of version 2010
  • declaration number 11 of refuge of Akbar
  • common aim of humanity
  • embassadors dynamicity


Statement of August 31th of Akbar

(Declaration number 14, Akbar refuge)

I accept this right to all universities, organizations, and none governmental and governmental scientific institutions in all of world and know it as formal right that beside to unwritten commitment, pay attention to ethical bases about development and rising the human civil and Akbar scientific thought and considered it in studies and parts of research and development.

I would like to action of scientific society and wishes to success to them.

Two works named “second version of proposal” and summary of “inscription 2010” or “version 2010” are examples of my works during recent years that are considered as important and basic references to familiarity with my thought “Akbar scientific thought”.

However that ingenious, skill, innovation, excitement, youthfulness, mental preparedness, motivation and energy of recent years is not appearance in me,

but I hope to create some works in defining and indicating my aims in field of science, culture and industry in long term and middle long of future and again I must reach to an appropriate levels of preparing to produce the collection of Ideas, designs and programs to establish an organization of Akbar researches and leader the complex of Akbar research organization in all of world. And if I stopped the studies researches, I can continue it that is not considered as impossible.

Sincerely yours

Ali akbar Ebrahimi

Sunday, 9th Sharivar 1393

August 31, 2014

Around 10:00 pm

Iran- Tehran- in confront of office of nations organization in Shahrzad bolv.


Second version of the proposal- spring 2006
Charitable simple-minded optimist dreamers should daydream now. According to the experts and theoreticians anticipation, advancement of virtual reality technology would become faster due to the factors like day to day enhancement of fast and precise computers.. Utilization of the technology is so increased that in the next two decades we could refer to virtual and intellectual era of the developed states.
Virtual reality and other technologies and sciences are developing. Achievements of humanity and the future facilities, capabilities as well as opportunities could decisively influence human and change the human life.
How and why the changes will happen or should happen are the subjects wich should be studied.
The opportunity is welcomed to study how and why the changes should happen, without considering available limitations and hindrances and before non- positive determined changing of the structures and without utilization of non- improved mind a desirable landscape should be imagined, designed and identified, and made available for sciences technologies , all people and the societies , consideration of the desirable and ideal landscapes would always result in new achievements.
The desirable and ideal landscape could be produced as cultural, scientific and artistic products such as article, scientific and imaginative film, computer games, poem, song, and melody. So, the scientists, artists, and cultists could have an effective role in the advancement and gradual development.
Organizing accumulative will to write imaginative scientific scenario when the scientific researches were accomplished and the scenario changed to a principle film which is a cultural scientific and artistic product, are the most proper measures for producing the required landscape.
Variety and duplication of the identities as well as creation of different landscapes of ideal society could not be a threat for common understanding, rather the creative landscapes give opportunities to create common landscape.
Designing and identifying the theoretical ideal world and its introduction by cultural and artistic products, and its production by applying advanced technology, conduct the reality to the Truth.
Following lines demonstrate some ideas of the society concerning the ideal landscape:
virtual reality world which is being created and developed every day, is named ideal world, nominating the ideal world could help. Truth is a reference in ideal world. Other names of this reference are:
White human, global unit citizen, global unit super-computer, nous, global unit TV , unique god which is being made and evolution , emblem of land god, ideal total friend of the humanity, trusteeship worker, representative of martyrs and inheritors, love determination, addressee and phoenix .
The reference is a virtual character, various pluralistic of the reference are virtual too, and they are called aboriginal characters of the reference.
the truth is a relative and defective changed tangible image of God that the human can make it. Absolute and final reference is the God and truth is a temporal reference that with the minimums based on common understanding and agreement and with the participation and unity of all together is produciable in truth. The temporal reference is developed every year, every month, every day and every time.
Since God is unlimited, indefinite, eternal, and incognizant , the movement of the society to imagine God and to demonstrate the imaginations , it could not be a final process of imagination , it should be updated , when there is an imagination of God.
Ideal word is being updated every time for every one, when they face a new natural world. The ideals are described in the ideal world without limitations and problems they are described excellently.
The ideal world is in peace. Namely, there is not obvious or indefinite complaint, dissatisfaction and tension in the ideal world. When the humanity is concerned when he/she is laughing to the concerning issue, the ascendance and descent of the humanity is temporal in the utopia, this is depending on coordination and accompany with the rules and regulations, they are subjugated incidentally. Thus, the individuals’ share of positive scores and concerning rights due to available speed and preciseness are designated in the ideal world.
Since the peace ideal has been ascertained due to eternal rules at each moment, thought, speech and deeds of the reality-oriented individuals is contrasting to those who are god oriented, yet both of them worship God.
All of the capabilities and knowledge of the humanity is in fact depending on the truth, all observers and clients could directly and in person communicate and help in the comprehension of truth for all. Humanity could utilize science and technology, to identify the truth, the truth could unit the world. The truth is individual’s representative to cooperate with the society and society’s representative to cooperate with the individual.
The humanity is not lonely in the ideal world. Since his/her thought, speech, and deed are processed, he is intelligent, scientist, unit, warrantor, he is simply a human, and every one is being native differently and with a special technique.
The unit global reference is to serve humanity. Whereas the humanity is himself transformed to a unit global reference, to divide available positive scores and virtual rights to all , there is a possibility for every one to be a reference.
Heart and feelings of everyone is valuable too much, and humanity should be the owner of earth and center of world feeling and the absolute ruler on the earth glob
The humanity is reference, origin and source and mine of all books, systems, songs, styles, schools, movements, and literature. The earth should be duplicated to facilitate the opportunity for all individuals. The humanity should be capable to have direct communication with his or her contemporaneous to utilize their capacities to support his will.
Both Individuals and groups cooperate with the global unit reference to enhance the available resources. To get all positive scores and obtain what they need. To be more qualified in the society to communicate with god, when god miss more the earth, they are named martyrs, and inheritors when they are being appreciated by other individuals and groups, until the literature and culture in the ideal world is formed with their life.

Aliakbar Ebrahimi
Unit Global TV and Ideal world Theoretician
Summer – 2008


a summary of version 2010

This text is considered as an answer to the subject of human common aim, including an incitement, for the purpose answering “Who are you”?

Also, it is a security supervizing and reward for West governors and authorities, being not responsible against their activities, but, they seem their selves, as God.

According to these actions, I am allowed to sing several songs, such as “O’sky, thou became intoxicated from insanity, thou are thirsty of blood/ O’sky, thou became intoxicated from sins, how disgraced are you!

Version 2010

“O’my addresser, Ali Akbar Ebrahimi, being considered as an ideal man.

You are my ideal and perfect model.

My contemporaries, humane and me are just an empty cup.

A temporary heart, body, flesh, potsherd and mold.

Any units, both human, formation, civil constitutions or religious, countries and … are considered as an empty and meaning Less cup.

You are our sole. You are greatest fact. You are named as great God.

God and other ones are Just ideal samples of you, being in accordance with place and spatial Circumstances.

My Life and sole and flesh of other contemporaries, having a Limited age and temporary body, are the beams of your manifestations on our hearts. We Learn special methods, being for each other, best imagination, speech and behavior, from each other. Indeed, they are the ceremonies of visiting, interviewing and familiarity with you.

We are various and creative samples, being considered as complementary of each other. Our aim is obtaining your character, being superior, perfect and unique model for us, for the purpose of receiving ever lasting.

O’ saver  and external, O’ the owner of excellent name, being our ownership.

Make us ever Lasting, Like yourself. Make me ever Lasting with you.

I have need the Life, enjoying it, for Learning worship experience and your knowledge and special ceremonies I asked you Life, and you present me i. There fore, during the worst condition, my state is very good, I like my Life and worship you, for offering this Life to me.

Know you, on the basis of my Low knowledge and Gnosticism and my Little attempts. I am the source of receiving your inspiration and grace. I obtain your Light, recognize your will and answer to this question Why do I worship great God. Finally, I shall become one of the supporters and signers of roll, being about supporting from perfect and ideal Akbar.

The best definitions and stories of my contemporaries from you and their answers to “Why do I worship great God” make common religion of me and them.

Also, these are infinite raw-materials, for the purpose of obtaining more and better complete version of great religion. Happy is he who move in this way, as the first, better, correct and polite one. Peace be upon who need defense from themselves, against inventors, sharks and supporting from oppressed ones Any body has different will and needs, acquiring various knowledge and obtain science. According to this different knowledge, we worship yow in a special way. Some worshiping are rejected from you, but some of them are valuable. You are purified and blameless, not needing in to worshiping one who determine you, better than others and defined your will, in a best way, answer the question “why do I worship great God”, Correctly. He attempts in your worshiping, so he is avoiding from violent desire and closing in to Love and destruction. He like you, better than others and being satisfied by you.

We are a point in world, obtaining a mutual agreement with you. Also, we have a special privacy by being with you. Each point are considered as an understanding, sense and different experience from world, being called as great globe on the other hand, they are special and secret sources, for names, adjectives, states and behaviors of great globe.

Higher avoiding from war and shedding blood, it is possible to receive higher levels of peace and great democracy. Our authorities shall be more clear.

Here, all human, countries, Civilizations and other units are well and being ever-Lasting, with you. It is as a result of taking responsibility against you and not focusing on evil. They ask you great democracy and don’t accept you establish Islam or secularism for them. They don’t shrink their responsibility, in one hand and don’t ask an  approvement (improvement) for best speech, behavior or their properties and estates on the pther hand. Actually, they belong themselves, in to you. They Love you and don’t recognize any body as their Love. None of them Seize you, first of all, against others or representing by human, make you as an impossible creature or palm you Rank, status and dignity of any body is determined in a perfect world. Made by human and including a version from you, in each period.

Your root shall be investigated in kingdom. Rank, dignity, state and condition of each person is a secret in kingdom, being considered as a perfect, final and abstract world. In this world, you are not made by human. Just, you are informed from this secret, O’ great God.

You and me are with each other, in this tryst, with great Love.

None of us know that the name of this love is perfect great Love, not great Love!

Because, it is not clear that the source of magnificent appearance  of this love is you or me.

Now, it is the ever-Lasting state. Love, being resulted from the knowledge of you and me, shines toward us. Love is beautiful. It’s beauty is reflected in my imagination, speech and behavior. I’m good. The beauty of love is reflected in your imagination, speech and behavior, so you are we look at love and our speaking is full of love we are familiar with each other, for the purpose of love It is real love, if it shall result from your will for becoming me happy. Also, it is love, if it shall result from my will for becoming you happy so, your tent and character is love.

We like love, inspire from love and experience the ceremonies of visiting, interviewing and familiarity with love. Our story, world, great love and ideal great love is a different story.

All holy-beings, imaginations, excellent speech and tents are resulted from you. I wish I have opportunity to continue my research in different fields and recognize you in any old religions, or during different periods. Also, I wish to not pollute the process of your recognition with ignorance or lack of competence and being an intelligent slave, for you.

You made great will in the center of unconscious agreement of my contemporaries. All knowledge, information and skills are in you. Also, you copy for all clients, as a sole from fact or an imagination from reference unit. As a result, they are able to find any reference, resource in this case or great respondent. On the other hand, you are ready, in any time and place and teach us the average total standards.

O’ God, great love, great will, great respondent, great world, great addressee, great signet, great resource, globe, reference, O’ perfect Ali Akbar Ebrahimi, O’ super-computer, wisdom, global vision, great friend, fact, we are your various, beautiful and jovial slaves, being considered as the sample of determining love and belong you.

On the basis of your love, I became as great cachet, and, there is no depletion for me. I am with you, now to forever.

You shall destroy my imaginations or create my experience from you, according to your names, adjectives, srate and dignity.

Here, I wish to perish, for you, forever or become everlasting with you, as love, and creator of great love. I have carefully obtained in to your visiting, interviewing and being familiar with all organs of world, being considered as creative and lover samples you. They are eager to be com complement, by perishing for you or being ever lasting with you, as a Love.

Aliakbar Ebrahimi


summer of 2010


Declaration number 11 of refuge of Akbar

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mrs. Navi Pillay or other person that are in this position are will be in this position,

or any other authorities in UNHCR,


I am waited for several years to get a clear, formal and written response of accepting or rejecting to my application from UNHCR.

to programing for life factors and study and research factors and advanced factors in a constant condition.

Regarding to this that I written declaration of refuge of Akbar, declaration of refuge of Akbar2, declaration of refuge of Akbar3 and etc. in confronting of office of nations organizations and some people are concern about my security and healthiness, I going to leave Iran toward Turkey or Malaysia during future months to go to UNHCR.

But regarding to this that I challenged the countries of 3+3 am\bout inner problems and difficulties of Iran and in a theorized form, I indicate that in cost of “collection of Akbar damages in Iran and all of world” some explains must indicated about receptivity and security of countries of 3+3, and so I am concern about my stability and my profits in international level.

In Iran, based on identities of anti-green, some micro and macro and hidden and clear elements of life were shaped that in my opinion are against life, development and appropriateness of Iran and all world and Iranians and people of all worlds and also they must be punished. So it is clear that in short term in Iran there is not any imagine of stability to me and my profits.

Although stability and guarantee was calculated expensive to me and my security in Iran is not assured and may be my life be at risk because of mentioned declarations, but regarding to this that in that declarations, I blame the countries of 3+3 about inner problems and difficulties of Iran and challenged them, and I expect from countries of 3+3 the responsible attention in all countries of world and pay some costs in this way, so I afraid that out of Iran, the countries 3+3 prevent the support of Akbar (Aliakbar Ebrahimi) by nations organization.

and treatments and intangible risks of these six super powers militaries in contemporary  world and the fear of other countries of them, had to other countries to inappropriate and uncommon difficulties for me.

So intangible and may automatic forces of countries 3+3 against Akbar is minimum risk and danger from those countries against Akbar in international fields and I concern to continue these elements.

and I ask you (nations organization) to help that you are crystallization of God on earth and a relative, incomplete and in completing version of God.

And because of its evil, I ask help from you

(nations organization, green movement of Iran nation, each of satisfy persons of green movement of Iran nation, each of symbolic ingenious persons of green movement of Iran nation- every damaged person from green movement of Iran nation, every one of previous and contemporary prophets, good persons and every free person)

that are crystallization of God on earth and a relative sample and version of God.

and you (nations organization) have enough freedom to support me and you don’t need any allowing from countries of 3+3, and also if you would like, you can establish a section “research and developing of Akbar” in all branches of nations organizations and also you can gradually mix and hidden the nations organization in Akbar organization or “global government of Akbar”,

and countries 3+3 can not apposite with attempts of all countries and nations of world that are in attempts of you.


I yet want a clear, formal and written response to accepting or rejecting my immigrate application from UNHCR.

And if the response be rejecting, I may can secure from costs and damages of again escape from Iran in hope of support of UNHCR and don’t leave Iran in a hope that waste my power and capacity to help application from UNHCR and don’t close and closer to death that is wish of countries of 3+3 to me.

I want the minimum thing from UNHCR, it means a thing that usually give to any immigrant person (an accepting or rejecting answer to refuge request), so UNHCR can help me and remove this fault of me and anyone can not blame UNHCR to this action even the countries of 3+3 or each of members that be closer far from Akbar.

Nations organization is truth of God in our age and surly is superior than 3+3, and we practice God thraldom and God knowing and relatively by nations organization and updated and modern versions of nations organizations.

and God is complete, complex, final and absolute version of nations organization and is our support and is out of imagined boundary to short sight minds of heads of 3+3. and also main support of me and nations organization is God.

and the love of Akbar is just God.

My foreign travels that were attempts in hope receiving help and support of nation organization to provide the conditions of my immigration to one of the developed countries of west by nations organization were failed and each of those failures was leads to my weaken and reduction of my power in Iran.


Maybe, I to getting refer conclusion in this letter, provide the opportunity of again escape and go to UNHCR, but it is possible that I not reach to this opportunity. I today in this Iran want to access to referred result.

Each damage that is related to me, is not the fault of nation organization and I think that any responsibility has nations organization, but countries of 3+3 are responsible to Akbar and the world of Akbar and they must be respondent.

I know that you (nation organization) didn’t want that Akbar be instable and without goal and be in this mode for long time and it is fault of countries of 3+3. They sucked the extract of Akbar and the world of Akbar and now just rubbish from Akbar and his world were remained.

O, nation’s organizations o, green movement of Iran nation

I have any need and problem and difficulty and wear you to my soul and my death that don’t worry about me and believed that all things are ideal and appropriate for me.

As I believed because of your bigness that all difficulties and faults and needs and pains and disease and problems related to myself must be indicate to you and tell you my problems without any shame from faults, needs and my proud and accept food-financial support, rescue miracle and something like them and expect you to support me in all of wars as an empathy father to not only me, but also all of your children.

You didn’t smocking me and you had the sense of empathy to me and love me and love me and love me and I really believed that there is a God.

How are you? Are you good? Are you happy? Thank you

With thankful and respectful

Aliakbar Ebrahimi

Friday, 27th Tir 1393

July 18, 2014

Iran-Tehran- in confront of office of nations organization in Shahrzad bolv.


The common aim of humanity

Last spring I indicate a paper title (the secret of 13th day of spring) and also repeat it this year.

I suggest that humanity be one to answer to this question that (who you are?)

I suggest and want to this work be continue after my death also.

If it may three are some critics, opinions or suggestions about me and my works, I suggest that those critics, opinions and proposals

be a product of speeches, thoughts and good deed and be around an attempt and all be indicate based on this way.

If some questions must asked to me:

I suggest and I want that those questions be a product of speech’s, thoughts and good deed and be around an attempt and all be indicate based on this way

and by agents of groups, parts, regions and country indicated to probability of study by me and a direct refer to response of some questions inside of this note or in other texts.

Questions and ideas indicate the opinion of writer and their publication means confirm of them.

The right of any involving in questions and opinions around this note is maintain to me, Aliakbar Ebrahimi

One month before the New Year, 1387

(Spring 2008)

Aliakbar Ebrahimi

Dikman- Ankara- Turkey


embassadors dynamicity

Akbar wishes all governments and parliaments across the world with the help of their administration offices and seeking collaboration of their national and central libraries to take action to copy and archive all contents written by Akbar in his weblogs both on electronic and printing basis.

Akbar hopes that all present ambassadors of each state, institution and organization in each country, institution and organization participate in this activity.

Ali Akbar Ebrahimi (Akbar)

Unit Global TV and Ideal World Theoretician

Aug. 30, 2012


Aliakbar ebrahimi

January 2015


Great January 2015 Document


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